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All content written here are based on my own opinions. This is not meant to be taken seriously.

Btw, all the stuff that look like it was drawn by some idiot are drawn by ME. So if you want to use them, ASK ME FIRST.


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Quarantine Days #1

Disclaimer:  All “articles” published here are just an exaggeration of my very flawed opinions. No offense to anyone.

Intro to Quarantine Days

Quarantine days is a monthly “e-magazine” I created (emphasis on the I and Created)
Read on to find when the first issue will be published!

Exam Escapades

Exam days and Laughter. 2 things that never go together. Oh, but they just DID!

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So..um… Hi.

You can call me She Who Must Not Be Named. This is my blog (Woah!! That’s a surprise…)

My blogs are usually funny and embarrassing occurrences that happen to me, but sometimes they can also be about some kinda serious topics.

So what are you waiting for? Go read my blogs!!

Signing off hoping you’d read something here,

She Who Must Not Be Named

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